Ring Size Chart: Know Yours, Know His

Unless you’re buying a pre-set ring, that diamond or emerald-cut sparkler you envision on your finger will require some adjusting to make it fit perfectly. There are a few different ring sizes to consider when shopping for an engagement ring. Rings are typically sized using standard measurements, which also apply to other jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets. Follow this ring size chart to find your own measurement and your partner’s, so you can get the perfect fit when shopping for rings.

How to Measure Your Ring Size

There are two types of ring sizing you can use to find your ring size: Ring sizers are typically used for rings with a metal band, as paper ring sizers are used for rings made of non-metallic materials like wood or fabric. Ring sizers can be found at jewelry stores or online. Paper ring sizers don’t need to be accurate, but they’re preferable to paper napkin ring sizers because they’re sturdy and more reliable. Wrap the paper ring sizer around your finger, mark the point where the paper meets around your finger, then measure the distance between the mark and the end of the paper ring sizer.

How to Measure Your Fiance’s Ring Size

If you’re buying a ring for your partner, you can choose to measure his ring size the same way you would measure your ring size. This way, you can avoid buying him the wrong size by just asking him what his ring size is. You can also use a ring sizer to find his ring size, or use a paper ring sizer. Just make sure to use a ring sizer that’s meant to be used for rings of his metal type. Metal ring sizers are available for a variety of metals, such as silver, gold, and tungsten.

The Importance of Knowing Your and His Ring Sizes

Having the right ring size is important for avoiding issues with the ring not fitting or having to return it. Certain types of rings, such as tungsten carbide wedding bands and wooden rings, tend to be less adjustable than others. If you ever lose your ring, knowing your ring size will help you find a new one that fits. If your partner loses his ring, knowing his ring size will help you find him a new one that fits.


Knowing your and your partner’s ring sizes is important when buying engagement rings and wedding rings. Buying a ring that’s the wrong size can result in it not fitting on your finger or having to be returned and exchanged, which can be a time-consuming and costly hassle. Certain types of rings, such as tungsten carbide wedding bands and wooden rings, are less adjustable than others and can be difficult or impossible to resize, so knowing your ring size can help you find a replacement ring that fits perfectly.

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