Trendy fashion tips for this summer

Summer is at its peak, and while the heat might drive one crazy, one wants to look their best! Summer trends are ever-changing and fast fashion may be hard to keep up with for all of us. Don’t fret; this summer comes with very easy-going trends everyone can adapt to and feel confident in! Read along to see what’s in and give yourself a little seasonal makeover!


Who doesn’t love a good glittery look? The best thing is that you can bring a little glitter with many different elements. A cute, over-the-top acrylic nail can steal the show, and they’re very popular now. Adding a metallic skirt to your outfit can make it look much more polished and trendy. In terms of gemstones, you probably already know what are blood diamonds and unethical diamonds? So you’ll be glad to know you can opt for lab-grown diamonds UK that are not only guilt-free but also easier on your wallets!


If you have strappy sandals or heels, it’s time to bring them out and dust them off! Wrap them up to your knees with your skirts and dresses or wrap them in a neat knot around your ankles when styling with long skirts; either way, they bring a pretty feminine look to any outfit. Strappy tops and dresses are also great ways to incorporate the style into your summer’s wardrobe.

Bright yellows and greens

Summer is incomplete without your sunny yellows and neon greens! A bold and bright green outfit will turn some heads and add white or other shades of green for a complete look. A classic yellow sundress will be a perfect afternoon tea ensemble, don’t forget your sunhats! 

Unique sunglasses

Similar to most trends, sunglasses are also in trend with extra-large shapes and designs. They’re a must-have in this weather, so you might as well pick one that lets you block out UV with style. If the sun isn’t too bad, you can go for sunglasses that are more of a fashion statement piece, such as butterfly-shaped, heart-shaped, or tinted.

Let these tips make the scorching summer a little less difficult for you and let you embrace the season!

What Are Man-Made Diamonds And Why They Are Better Than Natural Ones

Man made diamonds Malaysia are created in a laboratory by one of two processes: HPHT and CVD. HPHT diamonds are grown from a small diamond seed placed in a chamber where it is exposed to high temperatures and pressures that recreate the conditions under which natural diamonds are formed in the earth. CVD diamonds are grown from a small seed placed in a chamber where it is bombarded by a stream of carbon atoms.

If you’re looking for an engagement ring or other piece of jewelry with a diamond, you may be wondering if you should get a natural diamond or a man-made one.

Why are man made diamonds better?

There are a few reasons why man made diamonds are often seen as being better than natural diamonds. First, man made diamonds are created in a controlled environment, meaning that their quality can be more consistent. Second, because they are created in a lab, man made diamonds don’t come with the ethical and environmental baggage that natural diamonds can have.

Finally, man made diamonds can be created in a wide range of colors and sizes, giving consumers more options to choose from.

What is the difference between man made and natural diamonds?

The two main types of diamonds are natural diamonds and man-made diamonds. Natural diamonds are created by nature, while man-made diamonds are created in a laboratory. Natural diamonds are formed over a period of time, under extreme heat and pressure.

This process can take billions of years. Man-made diamonds are created using a process called high-pressure, high-temperature synthesis. In this process, a small seed diamond is placed in a chamber with carbon and a metal catalyst.

The chamber is then heated to extremely high temperatures and pressures. This process can create a man-made diamond in a matter of days. There are a few key differences between natural and man-made diamonds.

Man-made diamonds are usually flawless, while natural diamonds can have flaws. Man-made diamonds can also be created in any color, while natural diamonds are limited to colors found in nature. Finally, man-made diamonds are typically less expensive than natural diamonds.

Lab diamonds vs real diamonds

When it comes to diamonds, there are two main types: lab diamonds UK and natural diamonds. Both types of diamonds have their own unique set of characteristics, and it’s important to understand the difference between the two before making a purchase. Lab-created diamonds are diamonds that are created in a laboratory setting.

Lab-created or synthetic diamonds are man-made from carbon. They are created in a lab, unlike natural diamonds which are created deep within the earth’s crust over millions of years.

Lab-created diamonds are cheaper than natural diamonds, as they are created in a lab in a few weeks.

Lab-created diamonds are more consistent in quality and cheaper than natural diamonds. They are not as rare or as valuable as natural diamonds.

Rules to Wear Gold Watch with Men’s Wear

Color does matter when you want to be fashionable. While styling with accessories, we get confused with gold color. Whether you are wearing real gold or golden-colored accessories, it is confusing, how to style with it or which color outfit will match it. Today we will focus on men’s wear. Because men face this problem a lot while styling with a gold watch. We will cover how to style a gold watch and which outfits to choose.

Wear Gold Watch with Men’s Outfit

Men are obsessed with the watch, especially the gold watch. Many men even prefer expensive gold watches over fancy-designed watches. This is the only gold that men can wear with every outfit for every event. Before getting into the fashion details, let’s discuss gold a bit. There is no doubt that gold is an expensive jewelry material. After diamonds, people prefer gold over other materials. Gold plays a role in jewelry, watches, other accessories, etc. Besides this, gold is also a great niche for business. If you are looking for a business niche, here is a suggestion, Sell gold Sydney. How much you can get profits, you can get that answer by checking the gold companies. 

Besides this, if you need instant cash, you can visit a pawn shop and get cash for gold. It is the easiest way to get a loan without any formalities. Now let’s get back to the topic.

Type of clothes

Though a gold watch goes with every outfit there is no guarantee that every cloth will look good with it. So, first, make a list of which type of clothes will match it. A jacket with turtle shirt, suit, blazer, printed beach shirt, etc. is preferable with a gold watch.

Color matter

As an example, matt black and yellow won’t look good with a gold watch. Cause the color combination can ruin your whole look. So, it is important to choose your outfit color carefully. You can go for the green, red, white, grey, blue, etc. 

Casual wear

It’s not mandatory that a gold watch only goes with a formal outfit. It is also appropriate for casual wear. You can wear a casual half sleeve shirt with white or light-colored pants and a watch. Keep one or two buttons open and here you go. 

Men’s outfit and accessories option are lesser than women’s. But if you go step by step, you can be the fashionable one.

The Best Man Made Diamond Earrings You Need This Season

The future of as jewelry has never looked brighter – find out in this blog article about how to choose the best man made diamond!

What to Consider When Buying Diamond Earrings

When you’re shopping for diamond earrings, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, the diamond should be of the best quality. You don’t want to settle for something that won’t look great or last long. Second, you should consider your budget. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on diamond earrings to get quality diamonds. Third, you should consider how best to wear your diamond earrings. You don’t want them to be too heavy or too big – they need to be comfortable enough to wear all day long.

The Absolute Best Jewelry Stores for Man Made Diamond Earrings

The best jewelry stores for man made diamonds UK earrings are those that carry the highest quality diamonds.

When it comes to man made diamond earrings, it is important to find a store that carries high quality diamonds. There are a number of factors that go into making a good man made diamond earring, and the quality of the diamond is one of the most important.

When looking for a store that sells man made diamond earrings, it is important to look for a store that has a good reputation. Look for stores that have been in business for a long time, and that have a good track record when it comes to customer satisfaction. It is also important to look for stores that have a wide range of man made diamond earrings. This will allow you to find the perfect style of earring for your wardrobe.

Finally, it is important to consider price when shopping for man made diamond earrings. Just because a store carries high quality diamonds doesn’t mean their prices are affordable. Make sure to shop around and find the best prices on man made diamond earrings.

Good Places to Get Cheap Man Made Diamond Earrings

There are a number of great places to get cheap man made diamond earrings this season. Here are a few pointers to help you find the best place:

1. Shop online. It’s easy to find great deals on man made diamond earrings online. Just search for “man made diamond earrings” and select the retailer from the list of results.

2. Check out local retail stores. Local retail stores often have lower prices on man made diamond earrings than online retailers. So if you’re looking for high-quality man made diamond earrings at a lower price, head to your local mall or store.

3. Ask around. If you don’t find what you’re looking for online or in a retail store, ask your friends if they know of any good deals on man made diamond earrings. They may be able to point you in the right direction!


This season, the best man made diamond earrings under $ are worth investing in. You’ll be able to find pairs that cost as little as $30 and ones that will set you back just a bit more. No matter what your budget is, there’s a great pair of diamond earrings out there for you.

Why should I wear Moissanite Engagement Ring?

Are you getting engaged? Have you chosen the ring? Well, if you didn’t, give a chance to moissanite to be part of your journey. Everyone prefers a diamond ring for a wedding proposal. But there are a lot of reasons that you should choose moissanite over diamonds and that you can get to know from diamond vs moissanitesIn this article, we will discuss why you should prefer a moissanite engagement ring and how it’s better than other ring materials. So let’s begin.

Benefits of Wearing Moissanite Engagement Ring

Diamonds, gold, silver, platinum, etc. are the most common ring material. Among these, diamonds are the most preferable material for an engagement ring. To propose your beloved one, you get stressed about how to choose a perfect ring for her. Well, before you decide which type of diamond design you should buy, think about moissanite once. Diamond is indeed the most expensive and attractive material, but if you want something different, durable, and affordable, moissanite is the one. To understand it properly, let’s review diamond vs moissanites

– Diamond is much more expensive if you choose the real one. But if you choose lab diamond then it can be affordable but your lover may not like it. Moissanite is affordable and pure. It has no alternative. So whatever you buy, you get the real one.

– Diamond is the hardest element but comparatively lab diamond is less hard than the moissanite. So, moissanite ensures durability and purity.

– Another thing is, that a diamond can lose its shine with time but moissanite is less shiner so, it maintains that.

 Now let’s find out why moissanite is perfect for an engagement ring.

No environment pollution

Diamond or other jewelry has a bad impact on the environment. For people who are concerned about the environment and want something eco-friendly, moissanite is a perfect material for them. It doesn’t have carbon emissions that can harm the earth.

Last longer

After marriage, you will wear the engagement ring forever. For any rough activities such as hiking, exercise, traveling, etc. ring will face a lot of scratches, dust, and bruises. Other types of material can’t handle this rough situation except for moissanite. Moissanite ensure the long last services.

Not shiny but sparkly

Diamond is shiny and everyone loves that. But have you seen moissanite? It has less shine but much sparkle than other jewelry and unlike diamond or gold, it won’t lose it.

You should spend money and wear a moissanite engagement ring because of these benefits.

A Guide To The Most Popular Watches For Women

It’s no secret that women love to dress up and look stylish. And with so many different fashion trends happening at any given time, it can be hard to keep up. That’s where watches come in: they’re a timeless way to add a touch of class and sophistication to any outfit. In this guide, we’ll take you through the most popular watches for women and tell you everything you need to know about them.

What are the most popular watches for women?

Since watches are a Personal accessory that can show your personality, it makes sense that they would be popular with women.

What follows is a list of the most popular watches for women, according to

1. Seiko SKX007K1
2. Rolex Submariner
3. Omega Speedmaster Professional
4. TAG Heuer TAG Heuer Aquaracer 500M Blue Dial
5. Breitling Navitimer Chrono Limited Edition 2011
6. Zenith El Primero Chronograph Automatic Watch
7. IWC Portuguese Automatic Watch – Inch Mark XVII Diamond watch

Types of wristwatches

There are several types of wristwatches, each with its own unique features and benefits.

The first type is the quartz watch. Quartz watches use a clockwork mechanism to keep time, rather than using a battery. They are very accurate, but they can be inaccurate if not kept regulated.

The second type is the automatic watch. Automatic watches use a battery to power the movement of the watch hands and hour markers. This type of watch is often more accurate than quartz watches, but they can also be less reliable if not properly cared for.

The third type is the chronograph watch. Chronograph watches are able to track time in multiple time zones simultaneously, which can be helpful for people who need to keep track of multiple schedules.

Finally, there is the automatic mechanical watch. These watches use gears and springs to move the watch hands and hour markers. They are typically more expensive than other types of watches, but they tend to have longer warranties and be more durable.

What is included in a women’s watch?

A women’s watch has a few main functions: telling time, telling the day of the week, and indicating the month. There are also a variety of other features that can be included on a watch for women.
When it comes to choosing a watch, there are a few things to consider. The first is the type of watch you want. There are mechanical watches, quartz watches, digital watches, and even hybrids. Next, you need to decide what features you want on your watch. Some popular features include Eco-Drive technology, water resistance up to 160 feet, and chronograph functions. Depending on your needs, you can also choose a strap style (wrap bracelet, leather strap, or mesh strap), case shape (round or square), and color (black or silver).
Once you have decided what features you want on your watch, it is important to find a model that fits your style. There are many different types of women’s watches available so it is important to find one that matches your personality and preferences. Some popular brands for women’s watches include Casio Women’s Watches, Fossil Women’s Watches, Timex Women’s Watches, and Victorinox Swiss Army Women’s Watch.

What are the benefits of wearing a watch?

A watch is an important accessory for women because it can provide them with a number of benefits. These benefits include timekeeping, telling time of day, and displaying personal information.

For women, timekeeping is especially important. Wearing a watch can help to ensure that they are keeping track of the time and can avoid being late for appointments or meetings. Additionally, knowing the time of day can be helpful when planning activities or managing daily routines.

Another benefit of wearing a watch is that it can display personal information. This includes items like the time of day, the date, and the wearer’s name. By displaying these details on a watch, women can easily identify themselves in a crowd or situation.

Finally, watches can also serve as an accessory that makes a woman look stylish and confident. By choosing a stylish watch, women can add extra personality to their outfits and make themselves more noticeable.


When it comes to finding the perfect watch for women, Spoo-Design is best option. Whether you’re looking for something classic and elegant, or prefer something more daring and on-the-go, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll take a look at some of the most popular watches for women and give you an overview of what they offer. We hope this guide has helped you find the perfect watch for your wardrobe!

Ring Size Chart: Know Yours, Know His

Unless you’re buying a pre-set ring, that diamond or emerald-cut sparkler you envision on your finger will require some adjusting to make it fit perfectly. There are a few different ring sizes to consider when shopping for an engagement ring. Rings are typically sized using standard measurements, which also apply to other jewelry such as necklaces and bracelets. Follow this ring size chart to find your own measurement and your partner’s, so you can get the perfect fit when shopping for rings.

How to Measure Your Ring Size

There are two types of ring sizing you can use to find your ring size: Ring sizers are typically used for rings with a metal band, as paper ring sizers are used for rings made of non-metallic materials like wood or fabric. Ring sizers can be found at jewelry stores or online. Paper ring sizers don’t need to be accurate, but they’re preferable to paper napkin ring sizers because they’re sturdy and more reliable. Wrap the paper ring sizer around your finger, mark the point where the paper meets around your finger, then measure the distance between the mark and the end of the paper ring sizer.

How to Measure Your Fiance’s Ring Size

If you’re buying a ring for your partner, you can choose to measure his ring size the same way you would measure your ring size. This way, you can avoid buying him the wrong size by just asking him what his ring size is. You can also use a ring sizer to find his ring size, or use a paper ring sizer. Just make sure to use a ring sizer that’s meant to be used for rings of his metal type. Metal ring sizers are available for a variety of metals, such as silver, gold, and tungsten.

The Importance of Knowing Your and His Ring Sizes

Having the right ring size is important for avoiding issues with the ring not fitting or having to return it. Certain types of rings, such as tungsten carbide wedding bands and wooden rings, tend to be less adjustable than others. If you ever lose your ring, knowing your ring size will help you find a new one that fits. If your partner loses his ring, knowing his ring size will help you find him a new one that fits.


Knowing your and your partner’s ring sizes is important when buying engagement rings and wedding rings. Buying a ring that’s the wrong size can result in it not fitting on your finger or having to be returned and exchanged, which can be a time-consuming and costly hassle. Certain types of rings, such as tungsten carbide wedding bands and wooden rings, are less adjustable than others and can be difficult or impossible to resize, so knowing your ring size can help you find a replacement ring that fits perfectly.

The Truth About Diamonds vs Moissanites: What’s Best For You?

Moissanites have been around for over a century, but they have only recently become popular. These new diamonds are a type of lab-grown gem. They are also known as synthetic moissanite. These gems are also known as man-made or laboratory-grown moissanite. If you’re looking for the best alternative to diamond, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the differences between moissanite vs diamonds, pros and cons of each, and which one is better for you.

Diamonds: Value, Color, and Cut

Diamonds come in so many different colors and patterns, with various shades and cuts to enhance their beauty. For example, a round brilliant cut will make the diamond look larger than it is.There are many different types of diamonds. The most common type is white, followed by yellow and then orange. Diamonds come in different colors and the more expensive, the higher the color quality. The clarity of a diamond ranges from flawless to I.

Moissanite: Synthetic Diamond in a Lab

Moissanite is like a diamond, but not carbon, so it is softer and more resistant to scratches. This gemstone is perfect for people who want the look of diamonds without the expense. Moissanite is less susceptible to scratching and scuffing, as well as fading and darkening. It’s due to the moissanite’s external crystal structure rather than its internal one.

What’s the Difference Between Diamonds and Moissanite?

Diamonds and moissanite are both man-made gems. However, there are some key differences between these two gems. One of the biggest differences between diamonds and moissanites is price. While diamonds are very expensive, moissanite is not expensive at all. In fact, you can even find moissanite rings for less than $100. Another important difference between diamonds and moissanites is that diamonds are durable, while moissanite is not. Diamonds are hard enough to cut glass and are resistant to scratching and scuffing. However, moissanites are soft enough to be damaged by normal objects.

Diamonds vs. Moissanite: Which One Should You Buy?

If you’re looking for the best alternative to diamond, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the differences between moissanite vs diamonds, pros and cons of each, and which one is better for you. What is the best alternative to diamond? The best alternative to diamond is a lab-grown gem known as moissanite. While diamonds are expensive, moissanite is affordable. You can even find moissanite rings for less than $100. What are the advantages of diamonds? Diamonds are very durable. They are also transparent and have an index of refraction of 2.23. What are the advantages of moissanites? Moissanites are very affordable. They are also softer than diamonds and scratch-resistant.

Final Word

Diamonds are a type of gemstone. They are crystalline solids that form deep inside of lava. Diamonds can be found in many parts of the world, but they are most common in India, South Africa, and Australia. Moissanite is a lab-grown gem that is similar in many ways to diamonds. These gems are also known as synthetic moissanite.

Lab-Grown Diamond Earrings: The Easiest Way to Get Gorgeous Diamonds on a Budget!

You might be struggling to get your hands on a real diamond for your everyday jewelry. But, who says you can’t wear fabulous diamond earrings for a fraction of the cost? Lab-grown diamond earrings, or lab-grown earrings as they are also known, are perfect for those who are looking to get their hands on gorgeous, real diamonds on a budget. Lab-grown diamond earrings are created by using a process known as carbonado. Lab-grown diamond earrings are also known as man-made diamonds or synthetic diamonds. These earrings are created by using a fraction of natural diamond, which leaves the earrings looking realistic and flawless. These earrings are grown in a lab under high pressure and high temperatures. These high temperatures help to increase the carbon content of the diamonds, which ultimately creates synthetic diamonds. At the same time, pressure is applied to the diamond to remove any impurities from the natural diamond. As a result, these earrings are known for their extreme clarity, color, and scintillation.

Why Use Lab-Grown Diamond Earrings?

lab grown diamond earrings are created from a fraction of natural diamond. This leaves the earrings looking realistic and flawless. In addition to their realistic look, these earrings are known for their extreme clarity and color. These earrings are also more resistant to scratches and smudges than regular diamonds. This means that you’ll have to wear them less in order to maintain their sparkle.

There are many reasons to prefer lab grown diamonds UK over natural diamonds. They’re clearer than natural diamonds, less expensive than natural diamonds, and they can be sized to fit almost any piercing. As you can see, lab-grown diamond earrings are the perfect solution for everyone looking to save money while maintaining the quality of their jewelry.

How to Wear Lab-Grown Diamond Earrings?

Because these synthetic diamonds are created from a fraction of natural diamonds, they can often be used in place of natural diamonds. As a result, you can use these earrings in many different ways. For example, you can pair them with natural diamonds in order to create a vintage-inspired look. You can also pair them with cubic zirconia in order to create a more affordable alternative. Other popular ways to wear these earrings include: As an alternative to a wedding band, and As a gift to a loved one, such as a friend or a spouse.


Lab-grown diamond earrings are perfect for those who are looking to get their hands on gorgeous, real diamonds on a budget. These earrings are grown in a lab under high pressure and high temperatures.