Build Hydrogen Car Generator – Find Out How to Build HHO Fuel Cells

Want to build hydrogen car generator but don’t have a clue about it? This article is all the details you will need to get going.

A basic hydrogen generator requires a container and something to collect the gas, for example, a balloon. This is the most rudimentary way of all generating hydrogen. Since we can’t think of cars without combustion engines what our hydrogen generator does is complement it so that cars use gasoline more efficiently. Using hydrogen generators, cars consume less gas and you have more savings.

A basic hydrogen generator for car is easy to build and parts required are also available everywhere. The whole project may cost you around $120. Those already using such devices are happy with increased mileage of up to 50% or higher meaning that your cost is quickly paid back quickly in fuel savings.

The formula behind this is no secret; naturally you are required to work for it. You will need to know and use your car battery to energize and separate water molecules into gas. You can install this simple, straightforward hydrogen generator system pretty easily under the hood of your car.

I have listed out the parts for this kit below. These are some simple items you can buy from any hardware store if not already available at home. Next, regardless of your skill level or situation, you can still get down to work and build hydrogen car generator and begin enjoying the fuel efficiency on your car.

How to Build Hydrogen Car Generator

When you are done, you will have a pem electrolyzer, a bubbler and a water tank. So here we go, if you are ready.

1. Baking Soda as Catalyst
2. Electrolyzer – This is your actual Hydrogen Generator
3. Wiring harness
4. Vaporizer – for charged water system
5. Tubes and fittings
6. Vacuum hose to connect to Air Filter
7. Dual edge map sensor enhancer
8. Splice connectors

Connect the electrolyzer with your 12 Volts battery using wires and the end of gas bubbler to carburetor. Secure the wires and hose neatly and that is all. You have already built a hydrogen car generator.

As you know, the technology to build hydrogen car generator is no big deal and it is already in use in some big rigs and school buses to slash down on emissions as they do not mind continuing to use their regular fuel because they don’t regard them to be helpful in improving their fuel consumption. The basic idea to build hydrogen car generator is to supplement the gasoline with hydrogen which it does more than efficiently for me. I have a hydrogen gas generator installed in my vehicle for the last full year and I am happy that it helps me save handsomely on my gas bill.

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