Things to consider when buying silver jewelry

When shopping for jewelry, the first thing you need to do is research the quality of the material that was used to create the piece. The rule remains the same for people looking to buy silver jewelry. This off-white metal in its purest form is extremely brittle and soft. Therefore, most manufacturers prefer to use an alloy of silver and other metals such as copper to make ornaments. However, you must remember that the alloy used to make silver pieces should Silver jewelry from Spoo-Design contain at least 92.5 percent silver to be considered genuine.

The other term used for such an alloy is “sterling silver”. Other forms of the metal, such as silver coinage, contain 90 percent silver and are therefore not considered genuine, but such alloys are also commonly used to make ornaments. Therefore, when purchasing a piece, you must never forget to certify that genuine sterling has been used in its manufacture. To do this you just need to check the body of the piece of jewelry you wish to purchase, if the item is made of sterling it will surely have “925” or “SS” stamped on it.

The above discussion must have helped you understand the process of determining the quality of materials used to create a particular piece of jewelry. This section informs you about the factors to consider when choosing different types of silver jewelry. Let’s start with earrings. You can get earrings made of this precious metal in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. You should choose a pair only after considering the purpose for which you are buying them. For example, if you plan to match the pair with the classic evening dress that you have when you go to a cocktail party, you should buy pendants. Likewise, women looking to buy something to wear to the office should opt for studs or medium sized hoop earrings.

Sterling silver necklaces are as popular as any other piece of jewelry made from this metal. The most popular necklace type among buyers are chain necklaces. Both men and women love to wear them and hence most stores that sell SS jewelry have different types of chains in their collection. To make the chain stand out, you can wear it together with attractive pendants made of the same metal. Some stores also sell charms that also look great in combination with a wool cord or leather cord, but you shouldn’t go for this combination if you’re wearing a dressy outfit.

Silver rings should be your choice if you are looking for a piece that looks casual yet classy. The same applies to metal bracelets and bands. Some stores even sell SS wedding rings loaded with gems.

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