Why should I wear Moissanite Engagement Ring?

Are you getting engaged? Have you chosen the ring? Well, if you didn’t, give a chance to moissanite to be part of your journey. Everyone prefers a diamond ring for a wedding proposal. But there are a lot of reasons that you should choose moissanite over diamonds and that you can get to know from diamond vs moissanitesIn this article, we will discuss why you should prefer a moissanite engagement ring and how it’s better than other ring materials. So let’s begin.

Benefits of Wearing Moissanite Engagement Ring

Diamonds, gold, silver, platinum, etc. are the most common ring material. Among these, diamonds are the most preferable material for an engagement ring. To propose your beloved one, you get stressed about how to choose a perfect ring for her. Well, before you decide which type of diamond design you should buy, think about moissanite once. Diamond is indeed the most expensive and attractive material, but if you want something different, durable, and affordable, moissanite is the one. To understand it properly, let’s review diamond vs moissanites

– Diamond is much more expensive if you choose the real one. But if you choose lab diamond then it can be affordable but your lover may not like it. Moissanite is affordable and pure. It has no alternative. So whatever you buy, you get the real one.

– Diamond is the hardest element but comparatively lab diamond is less hard than the moissanite. So, moissanite ensures durability and purity.

– Another thing is, that a diamond can lose its shine with time but moissanite is less shiner so, it maintains that.

 Now let’s find out why moissanite is perfect for an engagement ring.

No environment pollution

Diamond or other jewelry has a bad impact on the environment. For people who are concerned about the environment and want something eco-friendly, moissanite is a perfect material for them. It doesn’t have carbon emissions that can harm the earth.

Last longer

After marriage, you will wear the engagement ring forever. For any rough activities such as hiking, exercise, traveling, etc. ring will face a lot of scratches, dust, and bruises. Other types of material can’t handle this rough situation except for moissanite. Moissanite ensure the long last services.

Not shiny but sparkly

Diamond is shiny and everyone loves that. But have you seen moissanite? It has less shine but much sparkle than other jewelry and unlike diamond or gold, it won’t lose it.

You should spend money and wear a moissanite engagement ring because of these benefits.

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